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# SourceNr Title ShortTitle Author Publisher Remarks Number
1 S45  Bromley, Suzette - St. Clair County Cemetery Records  St. Clair County Cemetery Records       
2 S18  Burns, Nancy Mather, email nkburns@earthlink.net  Burns, Nancy Smith Mather       
3 S14  Huntington, Rev. Elijah B., Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Stamford Families (April 6, 1797)  Stamford, CT Births, Deaths, Marriages       
4 S21  Mather, Grace, amzgrace@comcast.net  Mather, Grace       
5 S25  Howell Family Tree  Howell Family Tree       
6 S24  Vital Records of Granville, Massachusetts To The Year 1850, - New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Mass., 1914.  Vital Records of Granville, Massachusetts       
7 S70  Ely Ancestry: Genealogy.com  Ely Ancestry       
8 S54  Lee, Francis Bazley, Genealogical & Personal Memorial of Mercer Co., NJPublished 1907 (GenealogyLibrary.com)  Genealogical & Personal Memorial of Mercer Co., NJ       
9 S59  Henty, Larry - email Ljhenty@aol.com  Henty, Larry       
10 S52  Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio History, Vol. 1 (Ancestry.com)  Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio History, Vol. 1       
11 S10  Dewey, Marilyn Smith mdew00@flash.net.  Dewey, Marilyn Smith       
12 S27  Mather, Sybil Grace, Family History of Nathaniel Oliver Mather (published after Sybil Grace's death in 1955.)  Sybil Grace Mather       
13 S17  Past and Present Of Winnebago County - emailed to me by a lookup volunteer.  Past and Present Of Winnebago County       
14 S23  Mather, Chris, Gedcom File 6/2001 (camather@uswest.net)  Mather, Chris       
15 S145  World Vital Records http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/  World Vital Records       
16 S80  St. Louis, Mo. Obituary Index http://www.slpl.org/slpl/gateways/article240117800.asp  St. Louis, Mo. Obituary Index       
17 S61  New York Marriage Index 1740-1880 - www.genealogy.com  New York Marriage Index 1740-1880       
18 S83  Arizona Death Index - http://genealogy.az.gov  Arizona Death Index       
19 S36  William Green Mather III - email  Mather, William Green III       
20 S33  Marquis, Albert Nelson - The Book of Detroiters (1908)  Book of Detroiters 2nd Edition       
21 S69  Massachusetts Vital Records 1600s-1900s - genealogy.com  Massachusetts Vital Records 1600s-1900s       
22 S19  History of West Virginia, Old and New (1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago)  History of West Virginia       
23 S12  Arnett, Carrie email carnett@accn.org  Arnett, Carrie       
24 S62  Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN 1720-1926 - www.genealogy.com  Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN 1720-1926       
25 S29  Mounts, Jerry Morris, Genealogies of individuals who lived in Washington Co., Indiana  Washington Co., Indiana Database       
26 S48  Minnesota Death Index 1908-2002  Minnesota Death Index 1908-2002       
27 S38  Elkhart County, Indiana Index to Birth Records, 1882-1920 - Ancestry.com  Elkhart Indiana Birth Records       
28 S41  Johns, Betty email: betty.johns@snet.net  Johns, Betty       
29 S147  WV Vital Records Index - http://www.wvculture.org/vrr/va_select.aspx  WV Vital Records Index       
30 S43  Zahn, Casey - email CaseyWilkz@AOL.COM  Zahn, Casey       
31 S63  Indiana Deaths 1882-1920 - www.genealogy.com  Indiana Deaths 1882-1920       
32 S64  Indiana Births, 1880-1920 - www.genealogy.com  Indiana Births, 1880-1920       
33 S68  Descendants of both Sgt. Edward Hinman (1650, CT) and John Hinman (1635, VA)
Descendants of Sgt. Edward Hinman       
34 S74  Bradley, Melva email 10/18/03  Bradley, Melva       
35 S141  Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1924 - www.ancestry.com  Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1924       
36 S78  Bladworth and District Memories, (Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada: The Pensioners and Senior Citizens Organization, Branch #125, 1978)  Bladworth and District Memories       
37 S79  Ontario Marriage Registrations http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/thisisit.htm  Ontario Marriage Registrations       
38 S149  Entry, , , www.ancestry.com, , .  Kentucky Death Index       
39 S100  Davis, Calista Ellsworth, Calista Ellsworth Davis's Journal. Typed from the original, hand written by Calista Ellsworth Davis in 1947.  Davis, Calista Ellsworth       
40 S119  Ancestry.com Audrain County Obituaries 1917-29  Audrain County Obituaries, 1917-29       
41 S101  email curvey@progidy.com  Curvey, Perry       
42 S110  Chapman, Jay, Descendants of Ruth Mercedes Henke (jchap@swbell.net)  Descendants of Ruth Mercedes Henke       
43 S111  Karen Heggen, Gedcom sent 8/1/2000 email kheggen@gmail.com  Descendants of John Segrest       
44 S96  William Summer Junkin and Minnie Wyatt, The Henckel Genealogy; 1500-1960 (Junkin Pub 1964)  The Henckel Genealogy; 1500-1960       
45 S95  The Henkel Memorial-Historical, genealogical and biographical  The Henkel Memorial       
46 S99  Arthur Pierson Kelley, 200 Years in the Shenandoah Valley;1775-1985  200 Years in the Shenandoah Valley;1775-1985       
47 S113  Paul R. Orr  Descendants of William and Sarah Brown Curl       
48 S138  Gedcom of Hudson family. Sent 2/12/2007.  Cliff Allen fishlips_43@hotmail.com       
49 S105  Robert D. Haack
5928 Stardust
Watauga, TX
USA 76148 
Haack, Robert D.       
50 S114  Website & email  Johnson, Thelma       

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