family trees of the
Mather Rex Sibal Schaffner Henke Davis
and allied families

Minisink, Orange Co., NY


Latitude: 41.4166700, Longitude: -74.3166700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Thomas Jefferson  5 Oct 1812Minisink, Orange Co., NY I3704
2 Case, Ebenezer Inman  7 Dec 1812Minisink, Orange Co., NY I3706
3 Cooley, Lois  1757Minisink, Orange Co., NY I889
4 Davis, John  17 Dec 1748Minisink, Orange Co., NY I8502
5 Doty, Sarah  1762Minisink, Orange Co., NY I901
6 Knapp, John L.  1807Minisink, Orange Co., NY I3696
7 Lain, Bethia  10 Apr 1776Minisink, Orange Co., NY I882
8 Lain, David  20 Jan 1791Minisink, Orange Co., NY I887
9 Lain, James  4 Oct 1783Minisink, Orange Co., NY I885
10 Lain, John  13 Mar 1782Minisink, Orange Co., NY I884
11 Lain, Jonathan  2 Sep 1771Minisink, Orange Co., NY I881
12 Lain, Keziah  11 Jul 1778Minisink, Orange Co., NY I888
13 Lain, Moses  Nov 1788Minisink, Orange Co., NY I886
14 Lain, Phebe  15 Feb 1770Minisink, Orange Co., NY I880
15 Lain, William D.  18 May 1780Minisink, Orange Co., NY I883
16 Mather, Aaron  1776Minisink, Orange Co., NY I4576
17 Mather, Abner  1778Minisink, Orange Co., NY I4575
18 Mather, Caroline N.  Dec 1827Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2688
19 Mather, Charity  1763Minisink, Orange Co., NY I712
20 Mather, Charles D.  9 Dec 1836Minisink, Orange Co., NY I1472
21 Mather, Capt. Cotton  4 Jul 1759Minisink, Orange Co., NY I706
22 Mather, Dr. Daniel  1757Minisink, Orange Co., NY I704
23 Mather, David Bishop  8 Jun 1812Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2682
24 Mather, Eleanor  13 Feb 1754Minisink, Orange Co., NY I8501
25 Mather, Elizabeth  11 Nov 1759Minisink, Orange Co., NY I710
26 Mather, Elizabeth  1782Minisink, Orange Co., NY I4580
27 Mather, Hampton  20 Dec 1776Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2795
28 Mather, Increase  27 Jul 1758Minisink, Orange Co., NY I705
29 Mather, Increase  1796Minisink, Orange Co., NY I5853
30 Mather, Irene A.  1 May 1823Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2686
31 Mather, Jacob  1774Minisink, Orange Co., NY I4577
32 Mather, John  18 Mar 1772Minisink, Orange Co., NY I890
33 Mather, John D.  6 Apr 1769Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2791
34 Mather, John Lathrop  19 Mar 1832Minisink, Orange Co., NY I1469
35 Mather, Jonathan R.  25 May 1821Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2685
36 Mather, Jonathan Sayer  22 Aug 1836Minisink, Orange Co., NY I3698
37 Mather, Joseph H.  14 Jun 1825Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2687
38 Mather, Kezia  19 Dec 1800Minisink, Orange Co., NY I902
39 Mather, Lousette  Abt 1779Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2796
40 Mather, Lydia  1751Minisink, Orange Co., NY I701
41 Mather, Lydia  1784Minisink, Orange Co., NY I4579
42 Mather, Lydia  1805Minisink, Orange Co., NY I5860
43 Mather, Lydia Ann  22 Feb 1819Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2684
44 Mather, Margaret Amelia  27 Mar 1825Minisink, Orange Co., NY I5071
45 Mather, Martha  30 Oct 1785Minisink, Orange Co., NY I5856
46 Mather, Mary  Abt 1791Minisink, Orange Co., NY I5854
47 Mather, Mary Ann  Abt 1781Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2797
48 Mather, Mary Cynthia  10 Dec 1810Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2681
49 Mather, Nathaniel  1746Minisink, Orange Co., NY I703
50 Mather, Phebe  30 Sep 1799Minisink, Orange Co., NY I5855

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Anna  28 Sep 1857Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2680
2 Brown, Anna  5 Sep 1790Minisink, Orange Co., NY I487
3 Doty, Sarah  29 Jan 1840Minisink, Orange Co., NY I901
4 Downs, Margaret  Minisink, Orange Co., NY I488
5 Lain, David  20 Jun 1870Minisink, Orange Co., NY I887
6 Lain, John  6 Jan 1836Minisink, Orange Co., NY I884
7 Lord, Phebe  12 Sep 1844Minisink, Orange Co., NY I3682
8 Mather, Charles D.  25 Mar 1842Minisink, Orange Co., NY I1472
9 Mather, Ebenezer  20 Dec 1794Minisink, Orange Co., NY I486
10 Mather, Eleanor  25 Jan 1804Minisink, Orange Co., NY I8501
11 Mather, Ellen Elisabeth  20 Sep 1918Minisink, Orange Co., NY I3688
12 Mather, Increase  20 Dec 1794Minisink, Orange Co., NY I485
13 Mather, Keziah  2 Dec 1814Minisink, Orange Co., NY I700
14 Mather, Lydia  1790Minisink, Orange Co., NY I701
15 Mather, Lydia Ann  17 Dec 1887Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2684
16 Mather, Mary Cynthia  23 Jul 1899Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2681
17 Mather, Nathaniel  1803Minisink, Orange Co., NY I703
18 Mather, Silas White  16 Apr 1862Minisink, Orange Co., NY I905
19 Tuttle, Keziah  20 Sep 1845Minisink, Orange Co., NY I903
20 Whitehead, Mary  Bef 1775Minisink, Orange Co., NY I5498
21 Young, Dorothy S.  24 Apr 1848Minisink, Orange Co., NY I3685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mather, Daniel C.  Minisink, Orange Co., NY I2671


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Case / Mather  6 Jan 1838Minisink, Orange Co., NY F926
2 Knapp / Mather  1836Minisink, Orange Co., NY F922
3 Lain / Mather  26 Dec 1768Minisink, Orange Co., NY F224
4 Mather / Brown  Minisink, Orange Co., NY F2240
5 Mather / Buley  3 Jul 1895Minisink, Orange Co., NY F2543
6 Mather / Hazen  Minisink, Orange Co., NY F2241
7 Mather / Lott  Minisink, Orange Co., NY F2242
8 Mather / Mather  Abt 1806Minisink, Orange Co., NY F618
9 Mather / Smith  1841Minisink, Orange Co., NY F1785
10 Rogers / Mather  13 Nov 1819Minisink, Orange Co., NY F1383
11 Tuthill / Mather  4 Feb 1836Minisink, Orange Co., NY F918
12 Walling / Mather  Abt 1800Minisink, Orange Co., NY F2364