Mather Family Trees

Hamel, Madison Co., IL


Latitude: 38.8888889, Longitude: -89.8452806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Henke, Adelia Minnie  28 Jan 1900Hamel, Madison Co., IL I16110
2 Henke, Alma Louise  7 Nov 1898Hamel, Madison Co., IL I16107
3 Henke, Frederick William  29 Aug 1896Hamel, Madison Co., IL I16042
4 Klueter, Katherine  12 Feb 1896Hamel, Madison Co., IL I16043
5 Ohm, Anna  20 Mar 1883Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15854
6 Ohm, August Henry  12 Sep 1875Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15824
7 Ohm, August Karl Kasper Friedrich  19 Oct 1863Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15827
8 Ohm, Charles  16 Mar 1899Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15853
9 Ohm, Clara  Mar 1894Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15852
10 Ohm, Edward Rudolph  8 Mar 1891Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15860
11 Ohm, Henry F.  18 Aug 1858Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15828
12 Ohm, Henry F.  6 Mar 1902Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15858
13 Ohm, Henry Rudolph  20 Jul 1892Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15861
14 Ohm, Julia M.  15 Apr 1894Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15862
15 Ohm, Lilly  May 1890Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15851
16 Ohm, Louisa  10 Jan 1863Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15820
17 Ohm, Roy Edward  13 Oct 1928Hamel, Madison Co., IL I16450
18 Ohm, Sophie Louise Dorothea  25 Dec 1864Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15821
19 Ohm, Wilhelmina "Minnie"  14 Nov 1860Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15826
20 Ohm, William  11 Aug 1888Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brakhane, Fredericka M. A.  20 Mar 1953Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15800
2 Henke, Alma Louise  28 Mar 1974Hamel, Madison Co., IL I16107
3 Henke, Hanne "Wilhelmina" Christiane  1911Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15818
4 Henke, Heinrich Friedrich Christian "Wilhelm"  25 Oct 1911Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15902
5 Lehman, Johanna Louise  12 Aug 1883Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15819
6 Oerke, Dorothea Wilhelmine "Karoline" Anna  13 Feb 1901Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15905
7 Ohm, Carl Heinrich Frederick August "Charles"  24 Feb 1898Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15795
8 Ohm, Clara  1909Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15852
9 Ohm, Henry F.  7 Jun 1924Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15828
10 Ohm, Justus Heinrich Friedrich Christian "Henry"  22 Jan 1872Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15794
11 Ohm, Lilly  1911Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15851
12 Ohm, Louisa  25 Sep 1920Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15820
13 Sander, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1925Hamel, Madison Co., IL I16118
14 Tiemann, Louisa K.  10 May 1949Hamel, Madison Co., IL I15829
15 Werner, George  6 Apr 1942Hamel, Madison Co., IL I16109


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Henke / Schmitt  9 Aug 1930Hamel, Madison Co., IL F5960
2 Koch / Ohm  11 Feb 1917Hamel, Madison Co., IL F5970