family trees of the
Mather Rex Sibal Schaffner Henke Davis
and allied families

Delaware Co., OH


Latitude: 40.2986100, Longitude: -83.0680600


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dixon, Oscar  25 Feb 1872Delaware Co., OH I13196
2 Ferson, John Jameson  6 Mar 1826Delaware Co., OH I7315
3 Laraway, Mary Ann  3 Jan 1830Delaware Co., OH I6052
4 Mather, Edward Brooken  30 Jul 1835Delaware Co., OH I6050
5 Mather, George Lowell  30 Oct 1884Delaware Co., OH I5413
6 Mather, George W.  8 May 1837Delaware Co., OH I6051
7 Mather, Harvey M.  3 Jun 1820Delaware Co., OH I4325
8 Mather, Joseph I.  14 Jan 1870Delaware Co., OH I6076
9 Mather, Stella I.  24 Apr 1859Delaware Co., OH I6983


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Katherine Frances  19 May 1924Delaware Co., OH I4064
2 Babcock, Hannah  9 Jul 1852Delaware Co., OH I16336
3 Daily, William  26 Nov 1898Delaware Co., OH I6943
4 DeVault, Rufus  Nov 1966Delaware Co., OH I13194
5 Dinsmore, Mary W.  11 Jul 1896Delaware Co., OH I2695
6 Lockhart, Kermit  May 1976Delaware Co., OH I12910
7 Mather, Rev. Dr. Daniel D.  17 Jul 1895Delaware Co., OH I2694
8 Mather, John Robert  16 Mar 2007Delaware Co., OH I8462
9 Mather, Martha  5 Dec 1896Delaware Co., OH I6044
10 Mather, Morton Olin  25 Nov 1974Delaware Co., OH I4749
11 Mather, Neva A.  9 Feb 1987Delaware Co., OH I8257
12 McDaniel, Wallace Kiner  4 Sep 1937Delaware Co., OH I16385
13 Meddles, Ernest L.  6 Apr 1977Delaware Co., OH I6831
14 Rogers, Elizabeth  Mar 1904Delaware Co., OH I6071
15 Smiley, Ida V.  14 Feb 1961Delaware Co., OH I5060