family trees of the
Mather Rex Sibal Schaffner Henke Davis
and allied families

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Columbus, Franklin Co., OH


Latitude: 39.9611100, Longitude: -82.9988900


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cunningham, Lydia  Jun 1853Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I11478
2 Mather, Cotton  bd 1841Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I14576
3 Mather, Elizabeth Baker  1 Apr 1838Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I86
4 Mather, Florence Ora  1909Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7022
5 Mather, George Cotton  19 Mar 1853Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3201
6 Mather, Hannah Putnam  20 Jun 1843Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I87
7 Mather, Julia Carolyn  16 Mar 1920Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I5822
8 Mather, Julia Maria  15 Jun 1821Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1408
9 Mather, Wilma L.  18 Nov 1906Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I12089
10 Whitesell, Mary Jane  25 Sep 1853Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I10913


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Rosalind Yvonne  18 Sep 1992Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6004
2 Baker, Emily Margaret  18 Nov 1850Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I83
3 Belford, Kenneth E.  28 Mar 2012Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I12891
4 Billings, Jean Audrey  2 Jul 1999Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I13119
5 Cheney, Emily E.  31 Jan 1918Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I5309
6 Ciccone, James  24 Jun 2001Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I16245
7 Clark, George Henry  20 Sep 1937Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I55
8 Clark, Norma  3 Nov 1982Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I13979
9 Crawford, Kenneth W.  10 Feb 2009Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I14623
10 Curtis, Mary Harris  16 Jul 1888Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3200
11 Denney, Charles Wesley  21 May 1991Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I16244
12 Dixon, Oscar  29 Jun 1933Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I13196
13 Earhart, John N.  15 Jan 1913Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7208
14 Ferson, John Jameson  7 Jan 1879Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7315
15 Fox, George C.  15 Jun 1977Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I12913
16 Gould, Joseph Clark  11 Jul 1972Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I12706
17 Griffith, Hettie Loretta  30 Jun 1988Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I13608
18 Iberg, Ethel M.  26 Mar 1998Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I10068
19 Mather, Addah  30 Aug 1948Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I5408
20 Mather, Albert Leroy  3 Jan 1968Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6465
21 Mather, Caroline Mills  28 Mar 1909Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1411
22 Mather, Hazel  29 Jan 1950Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6822
23 Mather, James Gordon  27 Apr 1987Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I13613
24 Mather, Julia Carolyn  15 May 1986Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I5822
25 Mather, Julia Maria  28 Jan 1901Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1408
26 Mather, Leah M.  16 Aug 1931Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6086
27 Mather, Lona Elizabeth  2 Mar 1947Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6946
28 Mather, Malen Emery  6 Jul 1965Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6459
29 Mather, Marie Myrtle  19 Apr 1974Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6464
30 Mather, Martha Alberta  4 Dec 1948Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6110
31 Mather, Mildred Juanita  16 Aug 2009Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I13611
32 Mather, R.B. (Arbie)  6 Aug 1968Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6084
33 Mather, Ray Clyde  11 Feb 1967Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6087
34 Mather, Robert Vernon  24 Dec 1981Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I13609
35 Mather, William Williams LL.D.  26 Feb 1859Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I82
36 Mills, Sarah Jones  6 Apr 1865Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1407
37 Montrose, Albert B.  1 Oct 1945Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8115
38 Risher, Oscar  Bef 1913Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7207
39 Sidle, George E.  17 Dec 1982Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6540


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Earhart / Mather  1908Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F2329
2 Ferson / Mather  19 Jan 1854Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F2384
3 Mather / Curtis  21 Aug 1851Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F726
4 Risher / Mather  1904Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F2328