Sibal-Jappel Family Photos

The Schibal family came here from Bohemia in 1866 to escape the Austrio-Prussian war. Annie and Mary Schibal (ages 12 and 15 in the picture below) had a lot of adjustments to make in their new home in this foreign land.
Annie and Mary Schibal, 1872
Otto Jappel Mary Sibal
By the time Mary Schibal married Otto Jappel in 1880, the spelling of the Schibal name had been largely changed to Sibal.

Baby Helen in her pram
We don't know for sure who the baby is in this mid 19th century wicker pram. It could be Frank, born in 1883, or Emil, born in 1870.
Mary & Helen
Mary with baby Helen

Helen 1914
Helen, age 14
Helen 1968
Helen, age 68

Antonie & Emil Sibal
Antonie & Emil Sibal with daughter-in-law, Marie (1932)
Emil Sibal family
Emil, Bob, Antonie, Emil, Jr.

Emil Sibal
Antonie & Emil Sibal
The Emil Sibal family
Antonie, Emil, Marie, Emil, Jr.

The Emil Sibal family
Wedding of Grace Connaughton and Ed Murphy - Sept. 1, 1930.
Martha (Jappell) McKenna, Ed & Grace Murphy, and John Hanley.

Henry and Caroline Jappell
Henry and Caroline Jappell.
Henry Jappell

Henry Jappell
Henry Jappell (left) serving under General Pershing during his effort to capture Pancho Villa in 1916.
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