Schaffner-Spindler Family Photos

Barney and Lydia Schaffner and chilren
Barnhard and Lydia Spindler Schaffner of Berger, Missouri with their nine surviving children, possibly on the occasion of their 50th anniversary.

Barney & Lydia Dan Spindler and Barney Schaffner
Daniel Spindler and Barnhard Schaffner

Lydia Spindler Schaffner with grandchildren
Lydia Spindler Schaffner and grandchildren, Raymond and Mabel Fritz

Albert, Herman, Henry, and George Schaffner
Albert, Henry, Herman, and George Schaffner - about 1900
Herman and Amy Schaffner
Herman and Amy Schaffner

Henry and Ida Schaffner
Henry and Ida Schaffner
Dan and Nellie Schaffner
Daniel and Nellie Schaffner

Albert and Bertha Schaffner 1935
Albert and Bertha Henke Schaffner
Elder and Flora Schaffner 1935
Elder and Flora Davis Schaffner, 1938

Fritz Schaffner Family 1880
Fritz Schaffner family

Fritz Schaffner 1903
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