Rev. Richard Mather's Toxteth Church
Ancient Chapel
In the early days of the 17th century, during the reign of James I, a band of Puritans cleared away the heavy forests to the south of the City of Liverpool, and settled what is known as Toxteth Park. In this park they erected a stone chapel so they might hear the doctrines of the Reformation. The chapel, pictured above, is a plain square building with no steeple or belfry. Among the tablets on the interior walls is one bearing the inscription: “Near this walk rest the remains of several generations of an ancient family of yeomanry named Mather, who were settled in Toxteth Park as early as the reign of Queen Elizabeth. They were distinguished by many virtues and by strong religious feeling, and were among the fairest specimens of those who, in former times, were called Puritans”.

Plaque on Chapel Plaque on Chapel

Plaque on Chapel Doorway of Chapel

Chapel Inside   Chapel Gallery   Mather Pew

Chapel Pulpit   Pulpit from Mather Pew   Chair and Desk

Sketch of School

Mather Stones 1 Mather Stones 1a

Mather Stones 2   Mather Stones 2a

Mather Bible 1 Mather Bible 2

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Land Grant H Mather 1709

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William Mather Mather Wills


Photos of the Ancient Chapel and documents from the Liverpool Library. Photography and scanning by W. Hoskisson, Liverpool England and Amy Mather, Omaha, Nebraska

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