Mather Cemetery
Brattleboro, Windham Co., Vermont
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Cotton Mather Family Monument
Cotton Mather 1833-1912
Family Monument
Cotton and Seraph Mather
Cotton Mather - Seraph Whitaker Mather 1839-1918

Fannie, Sylvia, Arthur Mather
Fannie, Sylvia, and Arthur Mather
Children of Cotton and Seraph
Harriet Winslow Mather
Harriet Winslow Mather 1802-1877
Wife of Timothy, Mother of Cotton

Marlboro Center Cemetery
Marlboro, Windham Co., Vermont

Major Timothy Mather
Major Timothy Mather
Lucy Mather
Lucy Mather 1780-1860
wife of Simeon Adams
Timothy Mather
Timothy Mather

General Phineas Mather
Gen. Phinehas Mather
Mary Cole Mather
Eliza Mather
Lieutenant Phineas Mather
Lieutenant Phinehas Mather 1751-1838
General Phineahas Mather
General Phinehas & wives,
Mary Cole & Eliza Mather

David and Olive Mather Dan and Almira Mather
(Left) David Mather 1783-1860 & Olive Smith Mather 1783-1857
(Right) Captain Dan Mather 1795-1876 & Almira Miller Mather 1800-1848

Mary Mather
Mary M. Mather 1825-1847, Dau. of Dan & Almira Mather
Cotton Mather
Cotton Mather 1791-1862
Samuel Alonzo Mather
Samuel Mather 1839-1844
Alonzo Mather 1841-1845

James Phinehas Mather
James Phinehas 1828-1873
Sarah Towne Houghton Mather 1829-1860
Betsy Carpenter Mather
Betsey Carpenter Mather
Joseph Emerson Mather
Joseph Emerson Mather
so Timothy & Harriet Mather

Cotton Mather
Cotton Mather
Miller Dan Mather
Miller Dan Mather 1830-1910, Janette Warren Mather 1832-1908
Herbert and Clara Mather
Herbert Mather 1866-1925
Clara W. Mather 1866-1950
Leslie E. Mather 1891-1913

George Mather George Mather 1858-1859
so William & Demaris K. Mather
Clarence Mather
Clarence Mather 1862-1865, so William & Demaris K. Mather
Freddie Mather
Freddie S. Mather 1875-1879
so William & Demaris K. Mather

James and Sarah Mather
James & Sarah
Marietta Mather Snow
Marietta Mather Snow

Mary Snow
Mary, daughter of Marietta Snow
d. 1863
Huldah and Mary Snow
Huldah & Mary Etta, daughters of Marietta Mather Snow
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