Ontario Co., New York
All photos courtesy of Larry Henty.

Evergreen Cemetery, Bristol, NY
Evergreen Cemetery  Mather Monument Pedistal  Myrtle Mather

Mather Monument  John E. Mather  John E. Mather

Mary Mather and Hattie Bell Mather  Elisha Royce Mather  Nancy Gooding wife of Elisha Royce Mather

Purcell Cemetery, Bristol, NY
Doolittle Monument  Ellen Mather  Gladys Richardson Mather

Grove W. Mather  Helen J. Mather  Olin Grove Mather

Ruth Mather  Ida L. Mather  Infant Son

Phyla Doolittle Mather  Helen J. Mather
Doolittle Inlaws  Doolittle Monument

Bristol Cemetery, Bristol, NY
Emma Sisson daughter of Oscar and Jennie Mather Sisson   Jennie Mather Sisson

Oscar Sisson   Oscar Sisson

Canandaigua, NY
Lucius Mather

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