Livingston Co., New York
Photos courtesy of Larry Henty and Grace Mather.

Avon Cemetery, Avon, NY

William Pattee  William and Esther Mather Hall

Ida Whiting

Wiggins Family Monument

Alice and Clark Wiggins  Parmelia Mather Wiggins

Esther Mather Hall

South Avon Cemetery, Avon, NY
Mather   Augustus and Eusebius Mather sons of John Cotton and Betsy Kellogg Mather

Betsey Kellogg Mather   John Cotton Mather

Mather Monument

Sidney Wells Mather, son of John Cotton Mather   Sidney Wells Mather

Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NY
Horace Armstrong

Grove and Florence Mather

Hawley-Mather Plot

Edward Hawley  Sarah Amelia Mather Hawley
Edward Courtney Hawley, son of Sarah and Edward  Carrie Hawley
Eliza Mather Burns daughter of John and Betsy Kellogg Mather

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