Harriet and Maria Mather

The daughters of Eliza Herrick and Elias Worthington Mather of Twinsburg, Ohio stayed together, both moving to South Dakota in 1879 after their father's death.

Eliza Mather

Going alone nearly every summer to visit her other daughter, Mrs. Karl (Harriet) Gerner, in Waterloo, Indiana, Eliza (pictured) says: "In all my wanderings I have always found a place in the church and Sabbath school. Since 1863 I have been a teacher and still have a class in the Mayflower Congregational Sunday school. I love the work and hope to remain in it as long as I live. I can truly say thus far the Lord hath led me, and thus far His power prolongs my days, and now in the evening time of my life, His mercies and blessings are new and fresh every morning and evening. My necessities are all abundantly supplied and the pleasures He gives me are without number."
(Newspaper clipping from 1904).

Eliza Mather and grandson, Alan Gerner
Eliza with her grandson, Alan Gerner (1895-1910)
Alan Gerner's Violin
This violin belonged to Alan Gerner, the little boy with Eliza (left), who was tragically killed in an hunting accident when he was 14.
Harriet's daughter-in-law, Hazel
Hazel Edwards, wife of Karl Gerner, Jr. with her high school class.

Eliza's Coverlet Eliza's Coverlet
A coverlet that belonged to Eliza still survives today.

As a young person, Maria kept an autograph book. After hearing Susan B. Anthony speak one day, she got her autograph! This book survives, and some of the pages are pictured below.
Maria's autograph book

Maria's autograph book" Susan B. Anthony's autograph

John J. Sweet's autograph Cassius Lamar Mather's autograph

Maria's teacup Maria's teacup
A tiny cup (above) belonging to Maria (below) still survives even though it is so thin that the rose on the outside of the cup shows through to the inside!

Maria Mather Sweet Maria's daughter, Hazel Maria's daughter, Hazel
Daughter of Maria (above) and John J., little Hazel Sweet is pictured on the right at 16 months and about 3 years old. Photos and info courtesy of Margaret Irwin & Pearl and Ruth Gerner.

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