Eleazer Mather, Jr., M.D.

(1753-1837), one of the five sons of Dr. Eleazer Mather, Sr., all five of whom became physicians. He came to Ohio in 1822 as one of the early settlers and became the first doctor in Boston Township, Summit Co., Ohio. The original house that he lived in until his death, though extensive remodeled, is still standing.

Eleazer's house in 1913 A photo of Eleazer Mather's house in Boston, Ohio as it looked after the flood of 1913. Other photos from the flood: Historic Natural Disasters. Eleazer's House in 1999
The same house as it looked in 1999 when the photo was taken.

Owner of the house and store in 1999.
The store (next to the house) and the owner of the house in 1999.
A piece of wood from the original house.
A piece of wood saved from the original house.

Boston Cemetery
(Right) Eleazer's grave in Boston Cemetery
Eleazer's tombstone

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