"Mysterious Dave" Mather

Mysterious Dave Mather

Mysterious Dave Mather was a gunfighter in Las Vegas, New Mexico in the late 1870's. Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, and Billy the Kid all made their mark in Las Vegas, as did Mysterious Dave, an indestructable shady lawman, who frequently disappeared on mysterious journeys, and was once accused, along with Wyatt Earp, of peddling phony gold bricks to naive citizens in Mobeetie, Texas.

David Allen Mather was born 10 August 1851, the first son of Ulysses and Lydia Mather. Both of Dave's parents died by the time he was 16, so he and his brother, Josiah, headed west. They lived for a time in Dodge City, Kansas, and from the Kansas Historical Quarterly, Winter of 1961 Vol.XXVII no. 4 comes the following account of their lives in Kansas.

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