Charles Henry Mather

Charles, Cora and children 1905
Eleazer's son Seth died when his little son Henry was only 7 years old. Henry grew up in New York, came to Michigan in 1837, then moved to Toledo, Ohio in the early 1860's, where his son Charles was born. Charles married Cora Rex and had four children: Coit, Beatrice, Dwight and James.

(left) Charles and Cora with children Dwight, Coit, and Beatrice, about 1905.  The little family was not to last long, however.  In 1909 Cora died.  Charles put the three older children in the Protestant Orphan Asylum in Detroit, gave the baby, James, to a neighbor to raise, and moved to Wisconsin. We have never figured out why he did that.

The Orphan Asylum
Protestant Orphan Asylum
Protestant Orphan Asylum, 1910.  Dwight is the first child, front row, Beatrice the third child, and Coit is the tall one in the back.

Postcard 1910 James Mather 1909

(Left) Birthday Postcard sent to Coit on his 13th birthday.
(Right)Baby James in 1909.

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