Montrose Cemetery
Greenville, Bond Co., Illinois
James Daniel and Calista Davis

James Daniel Davis  James Daniel Davis
James Daniel and Calista Ellsworth Davis

Mary EllsworthMary Ellsworth Wealthy EllsworthWealthy Ellsworth

Sarah Jane and Joe Stout
Sarah Jane (Ellsworth) and Joe Stout

Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Greenville, Bond Co., Illinois
Ralph and Tillie DavisRalph and Tillie Donaldson Davis Fred and Mary Davis ByxbeFred and Mary Davis Byxbe

Lyman Forest and Wava Davis MerryLyman Forest and Wava Davis Merry Lester and Bertha Davis AltomLester and Bertha Davis Altom

William Forest Merry
William Forest Merry 1931-2007

Ted and Jeanna DavisTed and Jeanna Havron Davis Stacy Peterson DavisStacy Peterson Davis, first wife of Ted Davis

Mulberry Grove Cemetery
Mulberry Grove, Bond Co., Illinois
Photos curtesy of Mickie McNamara. Thanks, Mickie!
Alfred & Maggie Ellsworth
Alfred & Maggie (Terry) Ellsworth (son of John Wesley)
Forest & Robert Ellsworth
Forest & Robert Ellsworth (Sons of Alfred & Maggie)

Clarence Ellsworth
Clarence Ellsworth (Son of Harry)
Francis & Emma Ellsworth
Francis Marion & Emma (Segrest) Ellsworth (son of Jeremiah)

Gary Ellsworth
Gary Ellsworth (I do not know his descendancy.)
Harry & Ida Ellsworth
Harry & Ida May (Heather) Ellsworth
son of Francis Marion)

Josephine Ellsworth Brunson
Josephine (Mayfield) Ellsworth Brunson
1st wife of John Wesley Ellsworth)
John Wesley Ellsworth
John Wesley Ellsworth - 1866-1904
(son of Wesley)

John Wesley Ellsworth
John Wesley Ellsworth (son of Milton & Louisa)
Lloyd & Grace Ellsworth
Lloyd & Grace (?) Ellsworth
(Son of Alfred and Tolla Ellsworth)

Mary Ellsworth Worthy
Mary Ellsworth Worthy
(daughter of John Wesley)
Milton & Louisa Ellsworth
Milton & Louisa (Segrest) Ellsworth
Son of George)

Densmore, Norton Co., Kansas
Abraham Adamson
Abraham Adamson
Nancy Ellsworth Adamson
Nancy Ellsworth Adamson
Daughter of Jeremiah

Marion Co., Iowa
John B. Ellsworth
John B. Ellsworth 1793-1876
Susanna Runyan Ellsworth
Susanna Runyan Ellsworth 1795-1877

Mary Glendenning Ellsworth
Mary Glendenning Ellsworth 1834-1876, wife of Joseph

Madison Co., Indiana
Andrew and Ora Ellsworth
Andrew and Ora Ellsworth
Charles and Velma Ellsworth
Charles, son of Andrew, with wife Ora

Herman Ellsworth
Herman, Son of Andrew
Ellen, wife of Herman
Ellen, wife of Herman

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