Davis-Ellsworth Family Photos

Ellsworth Siblings
Ellsworth Siblings, about 1910
(Front) Jane, Rebecca, Mary. (Back) Wealthy, Calista, Francis, Nancy.

Davis Family 1920]
James Daniel and Calista Ellsworth Davis family, about 1920.
(Front) Ora, James Daniel, Calista, Ralph. (Back) Flora, Bertha, Mary, Wava.

Ellsworth Siblings
Possibly Almeda Cline Ellsworth (1820-1872)
Ellsworth Siblings
Ellsworth Siblings, about 1890.
Calista, Rebecca, Mary, Jane, and Francis
Nancy and Wealthy were in Kansas during this time.

Calista, Orey, Ralph
Calista with (probably) Orey and Ralph (about 1890)
Calista, Orey, Ralph
Wava and Mary Davis (about 1900)

Calista with Orey and Ralph 1890
Calista with baby probably) Ralph, Dan with Orey, about 1890.

Ellsworth Siblings
Brothers Emasiah and Dan Davis
Calista, Orey, Ralph
Price Davis with Calista and Dan

Wava, Bertha, Flora
Wava, Bertha, and Flora Davis, about 1910.
Dan and Emasiah Davis
First Grandchildren! About 1915

Jane, Wealthy, Calista
Sisters Calista, Jane and Wealthy
Davis Siblings 1940's
Calista and her children (back) Flora, Wava, Mary Bertha (front) Ralph, Calista, Orey

Davis Cousins
All the Davis cousins, about 1939
Front: Virginia Davis, Betty Davis, Maxine Byxbe, Pauline Merry, Betty Merry, Charlene Altom, Billy Merry, Tommy Byxbe. Middle: Aunt Jane Stout, Grandma Davis, Grandma Schaffner, Dorothy Merry, Flora Davis Schaffner, Wauneta Altom, Bertha Davis Altom. Back: Mary Davis Byxbe, Tillie Davis, Ralph Davis, Wava Davis Merry, Elder Schaffner, Fred Byxbe (or Orey Davis), Bob Byxbe, Forest Merry, Earl Byxbe, Gene Byxbe.

Davis Siblings 1940's
Calista and Jane about 1948

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