Our Journey West
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Davis - A description of our journey
We started from Mulberry Grove in September, 1900, making the trip by wagon. We were going out west to Kansas to see my 2 sisters that I hadn't saw for 15 yrs. We had a good team & an extension on our wagon bed, but of course you know it was slow traveling in them days. We didn't have cars like they do now. Well we had lots of good people we met up with-wonderful good people & I prayed for the Lord to take care of us & He did.

After a three week stop in Utica, Missouri we arrived at Kansas in Oct about the middle or the last. It was getting pretty cool weather & we were glad when we arrived there. I didn't hardly know my 2 sisters nor they dident hardly no me so we only stayed with them 2 weeks before we rented a rock house & moved in it. Oh it was so cold that winter with snow 5 foot deep in places! We had no fuel but cow chips & we had to gather them up when they was dry & burn them. We like to froze to death that winter. We had to keep putting cow chips in all the time to keep warm when it began to get so cold. The rock house we lived in just had a few poles or willows for a roof with rock piled on top. The roof was bent in so bad we didn't know but what every night it might come in on us & kill us all. Dan Davis said ever night he would go to bed with his cap on to keep his head from freezing & he would say Oh Lord keep this roof from falling in on us!

As soon as it got warmer we moved to Logan, Phillips County, Kansas which you can see on your map if you have one. We rented a frame house off a lady by the name of Hoover. She was a good old woman with a little girl. I guess Mary Etta remembers playing with her. I think she was 8 yrs. old or more & Wava 3 yrs. younger. Anyhow, we stayed there till spring, as well as I remember. We then started down there (to Oklahoma where they had hoped to stake a claim on some land and settle down) but when we got there the claims had been all taken up. We stayed in Oklahoma till fall, however, & we lived in a sod house, so you see what I have went through! Ora went to work in the wheat fields at 16 yrs. old. One night a storm came up & I worried about Ora, wondering if he was allright. They come an afful storm that night & I thought we was all a going to be blowed away but the good Lord spared us. In the morning when we woke up the house had partly blowed in & the cows was looking in at us! While we were there Wava had the dropsy. Her feet & legs were swollen so bad & we didn't have no doctor. We couldn't get one for they was too far away but the good Lord spared her life.

We didn't have no bedsteads only boards to lay on but we had our straw ticks & our feather beds. There was holes all around the soddy that the civit cats could crawl in but we had to watch them. If they bit you they would kill you they said. We could also see centepedes crawling all through the sand. I know Ora could tell a whole lot if he would. He says he don't want to look back. Well I do. I'll never forget the trip to my dying day for I have seen the bear dance don't you forget it! Excuse my poor scribbling at 82 yr. old will you please but I am telling you the truth & I want you all to know it & think about what your mother has went through. I am so nervous I can hardly write.


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