The Wisconsin Dells
Oxford, Wisconsin
August 1, 1933

Ellene Nelson (driver)
Ethel Ragland - Mabel Kuffel
Moonie Hearne - Flora Davis
Dear Mother,

This is our second night here and we are having a grand time. They all said that we brought a big rain. I hope you got some of it at home. We have the cutest little cottage. It has 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. We have 4 beds, fairly soft. Our blankets feel good. It is quite chilly tonight. We were sitting out by the lake singing and had to come in.

This morning we walked all around Parker Lake exploring the other cottages. They are all full at present except one, a real rich lady from Milwaukee, and she is coming this week. At the other end of the lake there is a real high slide. They have sleds & you can slide from the top down into and through the water. We haven't tried it yet.

We drove into Oxford today (we are about 4 1/2 miles from Oxford) and bought some more groceries. We got milk & eggs from Phillips up the hill. Mabel, Moonie & I are cooking this week. The caretaker here is real friendly and likes to fish so he said he would take us all fishing 2 at a time. Ellene & I went out on the lake with him in a boat fishing this afternoon and caught several blue gills. Ellene got most of them. I caught 5 or 6, but nearly all of them were small. She had the best rod, though - a casting rod, while mine was just an old Bamboo pole, but it was fun. He gave us a big mess for supper, and we'll have what we caught for dinner tomorrow.

August 3

Here is it Thursday and I haven't finished this letter. Yesterday it rained again. We drove into the Wisconsin Dells to see about a boat trip. It was pouring rain but we went out to Parsons Indian Village and a Pueblo Indian from New Mexico was our guide, taking us all through the village. He was very nice. He took us over to his home and showed us all his costumes. Today the sun is shining again, but the wind is strong and chilly. We had to build a wood fire to keep warm & last night we also had to let down the sides of the house & close all the windows & doors. I slept in my corduroy pajamas and then wasn't warm. So, Ellene got up & gave me a long sleeved sweater.

We walked into Oxford this morning. That is, we started out walking, but got a ride when we were about a mile out. Got a ride practically all the way back, too. We have a great big refrigerator and get ice furnished all the time. Also, wood and coal oil are furnished. We have an oil stove and a wood range. All of the cabins are occupied now. The Hubbards came yesterday.

Perhaps I will send you another letter next week. We won't be home before August the 13 or 14th, so go visiting and enjoy yourself!


Parker Lake
Oxford, Wisconsin
August 10, 1933

Dear Mother,

I don't know if you are in the country or not, but you'll perhaps be home when this letter arrives. We will be home Tuesday afternoon sometime. We expect to leave here Monday morning, but we are going to stop at Starved Rock near Ottowa, Ill., and stay all night in a camp there Monday night. Then we'll get to see something of that park.

We took our trip through the Wisconsin Dells last week. It was very interesting. We went in a small launch. They can't use large steamers because there are so many narrow places. We passed a place called The Narrows, about 5'5" wide and 150 ft. deep. Then too we passed another place called Roads Glen, just barely wide enough for the boat to pass through, and there were huge rock walls on both sides. It was rather winding and the boat driver had to back out of this place. It was sorta scarry! The rock formations were quite interesting, though. One huge rock looked just like a hornet's nest and another was carved out by the water, just like an Indian's face. I have a folder showing most of them.

We had the caretaker come & eat dinner with us. Today we had fried chicken. He seemed tickled to get invited. The other night we built a camp fire out on the beach, or the neighbors did, rather, and they invited us over to roast marshmallows. Mabel, Moonie & I sang some songs - 3 parts - and the visitors who were there enjoyed it so that she invited us over to her house. We went yesterday afternoon. Her daughters are very musical. One plays piano, and one guitar by ear. We played and sang. She served us watermelon and chocolate cake. Had a lovely time. West to the movies at Oxford last night - these old fashioned silent pictures. They have free movies every Wednesday night right out in the middle of the street!

I'm sending you a picture of Parker Lake. That is the boat we rowed around the lake in all the time. It's more fun! The neighbors are all pretty friendly. Must close. Will be home Tuesday sometime.


Build a fence of trust
Around today
Fill the space with loving work
And therein stay
Look not through the sheltering bars
Upon tomorrow
God will help thee bear what comes
Of joy and sorrow
I am alpha & omega
The five sweetest words of the English language beginning with H:
Heart Hope Home Happiness and Heaven
(Grandma Davis)

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