Washington DC
August 11, 1931
Hotel Annapolis
Washington D.C.

Dear Mother,

We have been in Washington since about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Arrived at our hotel & immediately took hot baths for we were so dirty! Then we went down to the dining room where we had a pretty good supper- not as good as meals on the train, however. We wanted to go somewhere in spite of the fact that we hadn't slept a wink the night on the train, so we started out in search of a show. After considerable walking we found four or five all in a bunch! Went to the Palace Theatre & saw a good picture. We didn't get back to the hotel until 11:00. Certainly slept well after we did get to bed.

We got up a 7 this morning, down to breakfast at 7:30, on the bus at 8. This morning we saw Arlington National Cemetery where Civil War, Spanish American, and World War soldiers are buried. They are just white slabs or markers (like Dad's were) to mark their graves - hundreds and hundreds of them. Square topped ones are unknown soldiers and round topped ones, known. Of course we saw many other things this morning, but it would take all night to write it all. This afternoon we had our boat trip on the Potomac River down to Mount Vernon, Virginia. It has rained all the time we have been here nearly. Of course, we appreciate it, but I wish the sun would shine tomorrow as it is our last day.

Tonight for supper we had baked chicken, corn, potatoes, ice cream & cake, fruit salad and iced tea. After supper we went to the Congressional library, the most beautiful thing I ever saw! It is all decorated with gold. Gold plated designs on the floors, beautiful paintings, and millions of relics and everything else, as well as books. Stayed there 2 hours. The dome of the capitol is illuminated at night and it is pure white - simply beautiful. We go to it tomorrow as well as to the White House and the Smithsonian Institute. Tomorrow afternoon we are going out the Franciscan Monastery. Saw the National Cathedral this morning, too.

My head aches & I want to go to bed, so will tell all about everything when I get home.


It is God's handywork. No one realizes what wonderful things there are in this world without they would take a trip to see for themselves. I suppose there are wonderful places & beautiful sceneries in this old world, and one that sees it & realizes it could never forget the wonderful things they have seen & what god has placed here on earth. It is his wonderful works. Think of it. Man could never do what God hath done. He placed all the beautiful nice trees and flowers and everything. We could not breathe if it was not for him.

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